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Madimom Finance Academy seeks to establish a foundation of healthy and practical financial literacy skills by educating children and teens in a way that is fun and engaging. Madimom offers a wide array of learning opportunities through story books, board games, interactive activities, homeschool curriculum, and online courses. Utilizing Madimom’s non-traditional teaching style, parents and educators alike can help introduce youth to concepts surrounding personal financial management, budgeting, saving, investing, and entrepreneurship.

2023 Upcoming Events

Road to Riches is a one-day workshop experience designed to prepare high school student-athletes for the transition to collegiate and professional level sports. During this interactive-based event, 100 high school athletes engage with past and present sports figures. Participants attend four (4) breakout sessions that cover various topics moderated by athletes, agents, coaches, and other sports industry professionals.

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A is for Accounting
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Set your children on the path to a lifetime of financial stability and fiscal responsibility by helping them learn the fundamentals of money and business. Research studies have revealed that children as young as seven years old understand basic concepts related to finance. A is for Accounting introduces young readers to basic terminology used in the business world.

Mismanaging credit cards can lead to years of debt and financial struggles. In Paying with Plastic young readers will grasp the general concepts of credit scores, interest rates, and credit limits. Lead the next generation down a path of financial freedom by avoiding the common pitfalls of consumer debt.

Workshops / Seminars

February 8, 2023 -
Southern California Black Chamber of Commerce
Culver City, CA 

February 12, 2023 -
Los Angeles Unified School District
African American Parent Empowerment Summit
Van Nuys High School - Van Nuys, CA  

April 21, 2023 -
Brandon Publishing / Dominos Pizza
"Pizza & Pals" Student Reading Event
Flint, Michigan   

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